Do you wish that there was a non-invasive treatment that could provide you with relief and promote faster healing? Look no further, at Union Square Eyecare we proudly offer Prokera. It is a treatment that stimulates healing and regeneration on the surface of the eye. Prokera can be compared to a bandage for the eye's surface. It gives the eye a chance to heal as it covers the cornea from harsh environmental factors. The treatment takes a form like that of a contact lens. Prokera is a cutting-edge treatment in the eyecare world and maybe the correct option for you. Continue reading to learn more about what Prokera is, its applications, the advantages of the treatment, and reasons it may be the solution for you.

Prokera has become a revolutionary treatment option in the eyecare world. Prokera utilizes the properties of the amniotic membrane to treat a wide range of ocular conditions. It is derived of a very thin, transparent film of amniotic membrane with a poly-carbonate ring frame. The amniotic membrane comes from the innermost layer of the placenta. This layer serves as protection and nourishes the fetus as it develops in the womb. This membrane contains unique properties that have been found to be extremely useful in a therapeutic capacity. This membrane contains growth factors, cytokines, and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties assist in tissue healing, reducing inflammation, and promoting tissue regeneration. Visually, this treatment not only facilitates healing but also reduces discomfort and improves visual outcomes.

Receiving a Prokera treatment is simply diagnosis and placement. Wearing it feels like wearing a large contact lens and can take a day or two to get used to. After-care is very simple as the optometrist should be the one to lift it from the eye. Often, individuals will be prescribed medication and eye drops to relieve the sensation of a foreign body sensation in the eye. It typically takes between two and five days for the Prokera membranes to dissolve. Patients will then need to be reevaluated by their optometrist to determine the next steps in the treatment plan. Prokera is approved by the FDA and the membranes go through extensive testing before being cleared for use. The amniotic membranes utilized come from women who undergo delivery by C-section and donate their placentas.

Prokeratreats a wide range of ocular conditions, more specifically conditions that affect the cornea. The treatments act as a protective barrier to keep moisture in while ensuring harsh environmental factors stay out. Commonly, Prokera is utilized for individuals with dry eye syndrome, corneal abrasions from illness or injury, and keratitis. Dry eye is a very common ocular condition that occurs when an individual’s eyes don’t produce enough tears. The technology from Prokera’s amniotic membrane provides a soothing and healing environment to the eye's surface, which promotes regeneration and healing. Corneal abrasions from illness or injury can cause intense pain and potentially vision loss. To allow the eye to properly healProkeraprotects the eye from outside factors and minimizes an individual’s discomfort during the natural healing process. Keratitis is the term used for inflammation of the cornea. Prokera can be very beneficial in treating this type of condition because it can assist in reducing inflammation and promote quick healing of the corneal tissue. There are many other conditions that Prokera can effectively treat. If you are wondering if Prokera may be an effective treatment option for you, we recommend you speak with your optometrist.

There are many advantages to utilizing Prokera as a treatment option. Prokera is non-invasive, anti-inflammatory, easy to apply, reduces scarring, and promotes faster healing. Prokera, utilizing a contact lens-type application, offers a non-invasive alternative to surgery. Since Prokerautilizes the properties of the amniotic membrane, the treatment can help minimize scarring. It is also anti-inflammatory which can reduce discomfort and provide a conducive environment for healing. By enhancing the natural healing environment, Prokera’s technology promotes faster healing. Overall, the treatment is easy to apply and is generally very tolerable for patients with ocular diseases and or injuries.

Prokera’s technology has opened the world of opportunity in the eye care field. Prokeracan promotes healing, reduces inflammation, and accelerates tissue regeneration. This treatment option is shining a light on the importance of healthcare innovation. Ultimately Prokera is a treatment option that can transform the lives of individuals suffering from various ocular diseases and or injuries. At Eyecare Of Union Square, we are proud to offer the revolutionary Prokera treatment. Schedule your consultation today and begin your journey to excellent eye care and enhanced vision.